I have spent my career at the intersection of music, marketing, and e-commerce. At Rhino Entertainment (a division of Warner Music Group), I oversaw the Grateful Dead’s online store — developing new merchandise, coordinating marketing campaigns, and releasing CDs, DVDs, and box sets from the band’s vault. I also helped build web stores for the Frank Sinatra Estate and Rhino.com. Later, I worked as Director of Marketing for Topspin Media, where I launched the company’s direct-to-fan software platform and published several case studies on successful direct-to-fan campaigns.

Currently, I consult for artists in music, comedy, and film, planning & executing profitable campaigns and helping artists grow their businesses. I have spoken at SXSW, NAMM, NARM, and other industry events, in addition to producing the music industry podcast The Upward Spiral and writing for industry blogs like hypebot.com

If you need assistance with e-commerce, merchandise, marketing, or strategy, email me and kick-start the conversation. Talk to you soon!