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Do you want to grow your business? Connect with fans and turn them into customers? Sell products through your own store, and keep more of the money you make? If that’s your goal, I can help you achieve it.

I specialize in direct-to-consumer e-commerce and online marketing – building stores, growing fan bases, developing products, and running campaigns. Are you an artist, musician, filmmaker, comedian, or author? I can help you grow your direct-to-fan business. Are you a company or brand? I can develop high-converting campaigns to engage your customer base and increase conversion.

Need someone with expert knowledge of the music industry to teach skills & share ideas? I’m available for training, consulting, speaking, and presenting on a variety of topics & tactics. You can review my portfolio to see examples of my work. Or, read samples of my writing and check out some case studies that I’ve published. You could also listen to my podcast, The Upward Spiral. Oh, and you can watch videos of my cover band, The SixtyNineties.

But really, the best way to get started is to just give me a shout and kick-start the conversation. Talk to you soon!